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HCB™| PA-turned-Tech Entrepreneur

December 08, 2022 Senan Kakpo-Moore
HealthCare Boulevard
HCB™| PA-turned-Tech Entrepreneur
Show Notes

Rodeline Joseph is Physician Assistant-turned-Tech Entrepreneur, who recently launched Medsembly, an Atlanta-based startup on a mission to digitally connect healthcare students with qualified mentors in their respective fields.

For background, Rodeline's family migrated from Haiti to Florida when she was a young child. As a first-generation college student pursuing an intensive career in healthcare and a student of color, she felt lost and struggled academically (went from being straight-A high school student to scoring only Cs and Ds on college exams, leading her to question her abilities). Like others, she persevered and eventually prevailed, but a decade later, she believes that unfortunately, not much has changed for those aspiring students who may not have savvy connections established.

Rodeline has since dedicated her life to helping students who are interested in becoming Physician Assistants, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists by forming relationships with professionals who’ve been there and are still doing it today. Medsembly is an interactive app platform that invites students to share resources, receive tips and tricks for maximizing their educational experiences, and meet working professionals who offer real-world advice to help them achieve their unique goals. Rodeline is also addressing the healthcare labor shortage by helping to strengthen the talent pool of next-gen workers.


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