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HCB™| Acupuncture Eastern-Western Medicine

August 25, 2022 Senan Kakpo-Moore
HealthCare Boulevard
HCB™| Acupuncture Eastern-Western Medicine
Show Notes

As an experienced health care provider, Nikki is the owner of EastWest Acupuncture and Professional Sports Acupuncture. She is paving the way for the collaboration of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in modern medical health care.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University. In addition to her training and education in the United States, Nikki studied at Tianjin Medical University, a top-ranked medical college, in Tianjin China.
Nikki's mission is to help improve the quality of her patients lives through Chinese Medicine and education how to live a healthy happy life. 
Nikki has implemented methods geared toward Whole Body Health while working as the Acupuncturist for the Minnesota Twins. Her method has improve recovery, lasting results, and whole body alignment. 
Nikki has taken an active role in education of health care providers on the many benefits 
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine through continuing educational class she instructors. 
Nikki's dream is to bridge the GAP between Eastern and Western health care. 

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